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me: *playing an rpg*

me: I'm gonna be the villain this time

me: *starts to feel bad and makes good choices*


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ask-alex-the-detective asked
[Text]: Dar. I need to tell you somethin...

[txt]: huh? Tell me somethin? Somethin rong?

shark-toothed-detective asked
Daryan walked into a law office. He had some papers to deliver to an attorney. He knocked on the door then came inside. "Eh, hello? Anybody here?"




Despite his normally energetic demeanor, Phoenix was dosing off on his desk. He heard the door open and snapped to attention as a page from his desk was stuck to his forhead. “Uhhhhhh…Yeah, sorry come on in!” he said in a hurried manner as he tidied his desk.

Daryan glanced down at a paper he was holding. “You’re uh… Phoenix Wright, yeah?” He questioned. He looked over the blue-suited man. Nothing to odd about his clothes but his hair made Daryan howl with laughter. “What’s with your hair, porcupine?”

Phoenix turned and looked in a mirror and analyzed his hair. There was nothing to crazy about it, besides, the guy in front of him had way more wild hair. “I am Phoenix Wright. And you are? I’d call you missle hair, but chances are thats not your name.” he said back feeling proud about his comback. No random crazy haired guy was going to make fun of his spiky hair without getting a little sass back.

A breathy chuckle came from Daryan and he bopped the attorney with his hair. “Missile head, hm? Whatever ya say, porcupine.” He continued to tease. Realizing he hadn’t come just to make fun of the suited man’s hair, he held a paper out to him. “If you’re Phoenix Wright, then here.”

shark-toothed-detective asked
Daryan sighed. The doctors. One place he hated more than anything. He kept glancing around when he noticed a woman in front of him. "What do ya want?" He questioned, speaking quite quickly out of nervousness.




Serena was reading the chart for her next patient when she heard him speak. Looking up, her eyes widened, and she took a step back. Getting over the shock, she smiled at him. “I’m so sorry. I’m Dr. Sterling. Are you…” She looked back at the chart before turning back to him. “Mr. Crescend? What brings you here today?” 

He gave the doctor a shrug. “I gotta get a physical done for work. Pointless if you ask me.” He sighed. Why did he have to do this? He was fine. He didn’t need some doctor to tell him what he already knew.

"So, Dr. Sterling, make this quick, yeah?"

"Ah yes. I’ve been expecting you." She hadn’t performed a physical exam in quite a while, so this would be good practice. Serena frowned a little. "Well, my opinion could be…er…is biased, but getting a physical is actually really important. We need to make sure you’re healthy enough to be working. A lot of people I see in the ER come in with complaints that can be traced back to them not going to get their physical." 

She shook her head, realizing that she was lecturing. “Anyway, I can’t rush this, but I’ll try to be as efficient as I can.” She smiled again. “So how about we start with getting your height and weight?” She motioned with her hand towards the stand. As she waited, she figured she’d try to be a bit more social. “So what exactly do you do, Mr. Crescend?” 

"Yeah, yeah, heard all that before…" He sighed. Sure he knew going to the doctor was important, though he hated it. Nothing was worse for the detective than the doctors.

He then looked at her. “Oh, imma detective.” He simply said, giving his long pompadour a stroke.